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Get a pattern to make a crystal ring

12 Flower Crystal Ring

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Items needed to make Crystal Ring:

28-4mm or 5mm Czech Crystals or glass beads
48-4mm Swarovski Crystal Beads, 24 in darker (a) satin pink color, 24 in lighter shade of color (b) light sapphire, (you can do it in one shade)
Seed Beads
Fishing Line 0,20mm in thickness (fly or nylon)
2 Needles with big eye
Hypo-cement or craft glue

To Make the Base of the crystal ring with Czech Crystals:

1. Thread 2 needles with nylon, adding 3 of the Czech beads, add the 4th bead to one of the threads, then cross other needle through it as well. It should look like 4 beads, a miniature square.
2. Repeat this step 3 times more on the last one make sure you end on the side crossing through side bead. Add 3 more with you crossing through the top bead thread needle through the bead on the side then add 2 more beads, looks like another square.
3. Continue until you have two rows of squares, so it looks like 8 squares in total, end with needle on the side. The top and bottom squares (2 squares on all sides) will fold over. So it looks like a 4 flower on top, 2 flowers on top and bottom.
4. You still need to add the two other sides with 2 squares. Cross needle through Czech bead below, add 2 more beads, go through the bead below again adding one bead, go through the folded over one’s side bead.
5. Repeat the other side to match, so it looks like 2 squares on sides – 4 lots, and a 4 square on top. I normally knot my nylon and add a blob of glue, then sew in the ends.

To see the rest of the steps how to make a crystal ring

For more on tips to make a crystal ring, download or get the instructable here.

Tips on how to make a crystal ring.....

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