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Swarovski Limited Edition Ring Pop by Bazooka

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Steampunk Jewelry, check out the rings

Steampunk Jewelry: New Volcano Crystal Steampunk ring http://bit.ly/hA2u6T

I received a few new color of swarovski crystal that I'm introducing to my shop for the first time . Originally i only had the blue and the tobacco color. The tobacco color on the left is closer to forest green with golden orange reflective background . The blue has a light tint of purple. It's hard to catch all the beauty of these crystal in one single picture, just a slight change in the angle and it shines with different colors . You can see all complete 5 pictures of the rings in my shop . Here are the main pictures.

See excerpt above from site.

For more other styles of jewelry check out my crystal rings store

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Friday, April 15, 2011

Get Tous Rings


Get Tous Rings

Welcome to Crystal Rings, share my passion of Swarovski Crystal.

Tous Rings and Jewelry

See this amazing Tous jewelry from this Spanish company, so uniquely different, with the iconic bear logo, dare to be different.The Spanish company Tous, who have been designing unique jewelry since the 1920’s, of course tous rings as well, every collection is for every facet of a persons life. They are also done a full range of accessories from handbags, watches, perfumes, vision, textile, leather goods and a home collection. Tous has 400 shops in 42 countries around the world.

<img src="tousimage/tous-rings.jpg" alt="Tous Rings">

Jennifer Lopez and Tous Rings, Jewelry

See how Jennifer Lopez has done this Asian campaign for promoting the Spanish company Tous jewelry brand. J-Lo is dressed all Oriental with parasols, fans, turban head wrap, and yes you guessed it loads of talking jewelry and the famous iconic bears. She will front the brand as a spokesperson; previously Kylie Minogue was the labels face. The Tous has an added new feature where they are collaborating with Manolo Blahnik they have a stunning gold pendant with a shoe from him.
Penelope Ring by Dannijotous rings


Tous bear and Tous Rings

• Pendants – Bear, with either crystals, pearls, Murano crystals
• Rings – Bear designs, Tous Black Bear, Duna Bear Ring made from Murano Crystal Rings, Ganesh Ring (remove those obstacles)
• Bracelets – Gold Bear bracelet on black cord
• Earrings – Duna earrings with Murano Crystal

Manolo Blahnik has made some designs with gold pendants and silver for Tous of his infamous shoes, very unique on a simple chain of course the price range is from affordable to a bit pricey.

Tous Rings and Jewelry for Him

Very unique stainless steel rings, cufflinks, tie holders, pens, wallets, key rings and other accessories. Get that special gift for your dad with the famous Tous Bear on it, be unique.

Tous items for babies, very cute pacifier clip rings, tous hairgrips, and diamond earrings. See cool unique baby clothing as well.

So I recommend checking this out, looks pretty unique for the whole family, for more on different jewelry like the crystal ring for some other stunning designs. Go to the Tous Shop hover over button for jewelry on top and click the one for the

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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Some Juicy Couture Rings

Juicy Couture Rings - Women's Jewelry - Juicy Couture http://bit.ly/dIg8vV

Some stunning vintage style rings, cute one with two birds as well, some stack rings, or
the pink flower one very trendy.

For more rings see my crystal rings store....

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